Ordinary Attempt #2 -- Pray For Someone (Secretly)

So, now we add something new -- maybe you have been doing it all along.

During the past couple of weeks, we have been intentionally noticing people whom we might not otherwise notice. I hope you have found that it fun, and that as you notice others you begin to see them differently.

We are all made in the image of God -- even those who don't know him. God cares for and desires to know each and every person -- and He is glad you notice them. Keep it up!

But now, as you notice somebody, pray for them too. Secretly, not out loud -- that might freak them out. :-) No, just in your heart and in your head, pray to God on behalf of the person you notice.

Oh, and don't forget to post your comments -- what you noticed, what you prayed. And also, don't forget to have fun noticing and praying for people God loves.

I always look forward to reading your stories -

Eric Messelt


Ordinary Attempt #1 -- Notice Somebody

The Ordinary Attempt this week is real easy -- just notice somebody. That's right, no need to talk to them or meet them or tell them anything. No: just notice.

For example, if you are driving down the street and you see a lady walking on the sidewalk and as you stop at the stoplight she is crossing in front of you. You decide to notice her. Maybe she looks kind of tired, "I wonder why she looks so tired, is there something that is keeping her up at night, some problem that is weighing her down?"

Or maybe you're at school, and there is someone that isn't in your normal group - you don't even know his name, and you decide to notice him. Notice what he looks like, does he look sad or happy, "I wonder what his life is like, is today a good day for him?"

Just notice someone this week. Oh, I guess there is one more thing, but it is a small one -- write down or otherwise record your ‘noticing,’ and then share it on the blog. That way others can participate in your noticing, and you can participate in theirs. Make sense?

I look forward to reading your stories -

- Eric 

Help from Doug Humphreys, CRM.
Extra Credit: Ask somebody "How are you" and listen with only that person in mind.


Attempts Count

“Traditional evangelism is simply too hard for normal Christians.” – Jim Henderson

Evangelism, as it’s been presented to me for the last three and a half decades, seems to be mostly about being a “bold” extrovert. Does it make any sense that only certain human temperaments should be able to do what Christ commanded? Given the diversity within the Body of Christ, is that what we expect to see? Is that the Biblical witness?

I think the answer to all those questions is, “No.”

So what does it look like to share Jesus with people - for the normal Christian?

One of the lessons I took away from those traditional evangelistic training sessions was that I should “leave the results to God.” It seems to me that is right. So if the results are God’s thing, what’s my thing?

‘My thing’ is: attempts. I need to try, I need to make a start, I need to do what I can – and the rest is up to Jesus. That’s why I think attempts ‘count.’

What do you think? Are attempts "legitimate" evangelism?